The Owner

Brett Hetzer

    Brett developed an interest in computers as early as high school that quickly developed in to a hobby. After a couple years of mentorship from the high school computer teacher and graduating, he pursued and obtained a Bachelor's of Science in Network Communications with Management from DeVry University. During his time in college, he was able to obtain hands-on experience with Cisco Routing equipment, Windows Administration and Troubleshooting, Linux network booting servers to facilitate a Folding@Home distributed computing cluster\team, as well as formal training in matching I.T. resources and planning to Business Processes that directly fit with and benefit any company using I.T. to automate office work.

    He worked at the U.S. Geological Survey for five years. He was initially hired to assist with a national-scale migration to Microsoft Active Directory. After the AD migration was complete, the U.S.G.S. kept him on board to help administer the I.T. infrastructure and provide direct support to Library Staff, Publishers, other internal I.T. groups, and scientists. Two years after being hired, he was moved to the primary I.T. support position for his group in the western region of the United States and later was a member of a national-level U.S.G.S. I.T. support group. Here he gained experience with automated system administration tools, enterprise-grade server virtualization infrastructure, server room operation and maintenance, enterprise-scale VPN, Geo-spatial Information System software support, and collaborative web tools.

    He stopped working at the USGS in December of 2011 to work with his high school friend, Andrew Malmanis, on co-founding their long-time dreamed of I.T. consulting company. His goal for Wham Stack I.T. is to provide the highest quality support possible, fueled by his love of I.T. in general and his desire to ensure everyone he helps is able to turn their I.T. from a burden in to an effective tool with which to complete their most important work with ease, speed and maybe just a little style."