Our Mission

    Wham Stack I.T. was started to be the official face for what its founders were already doing, helping people with their I.T. equipment. We aim to bring that same desire to help, combined with a personal touch, to you as we work to ensure your I.T. issues are resolved, your equipment is running efficiently and you are informed of and set up with new, more advanced technologies to help you.

    Business Support: Our Mission is to provide you with quality service and advice to help you run your business' Information Technology as efficiently as possible. We realize that you invested in your I.T. infrastructure to help your business get things done faster and we want to make sure that happens. Our business is to help your I.T. run efficiently while giving you a constantly updated understanding of the health of your I.T. systems as well as providing you with recommendations and advice on any upgrades that may help your business run more efficiently.

    Home Support: Our Mission is to bring to you the same level of professionalism and quality support that would normally only be possible to provide to a business. Our experience in the field of I.T. and our genuine desire to ensure you are happy with your I.T. equipment means we are a good choice to help fix the problems that just won't go away. After all, it's our business to solve these issues. Contact us today to set up a remote support session over the Internet to help you.

    School Support: Our Mission is to help your ensure your computer and all the main applications you need to get your school work done are performing as you need them to be. Your computer should be there to help you get what you need to get done faster. For students in the Sonoma County or Bay Area\Peninsula, we can also perform physical maintenance on your computer in the event you have a device failure or would like your computer upgraded with more storage space for your files or more memory to improve system performance.