Recommended Hardware:

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Web Cam

Web Cam
Logitech makes many great things. This Web Cam is no exception. It is also NOT cheap in price or quality.

VoIP PA System

SNOM PA1 Public Address System
Plug it in to your network, configure in VoIP service, connect to speakers, call from your phone and talk through speakers.

Gaffer Tape

Gaffer Tape
Sure, run that network cable all the way across the room in the middle of the floor. This'll help. It did for us.

Power Strip

Power Strip
High quality power strip. We like using these to upgrade the ones we find laying around any office we're serving.

10x Micro SD Card Holder

MicroSD Card Holder
Cheap. Slim. Works. Put a sticky note or tape on it to keep track of cards.

USB DVD Writer

USB-Attached DVD Reader\Writer
Your laptop doesn't have an optical drive? Get this.

MicroUSB to USB-C

MicroUSB to USB-C Adapter
Keep your old chargers and cables to charge your new devices.

USB Battery Recharger

USB Battery Recharger
This thing can be plugged in to any full-size usb port and recharge pretty much any rechargeable battery you have. Make sure yours is supported first but, it probably is.

USB-C to Apple Adapter

USB-C to Apple Adapter
If you have USB-C Chargers and Apple devices, this is the adapter for you.

Computer Speakers

Logitech Computer Speakers with Subwoofer
These are discontinued and replaced by the Z333 ( but you can still get these "renewed"\used.

Bluetooth Converter

Belkin Bluetooth Adapter
WE DON'T OWN ANY OF THESE. Only the much older version which is no longer available. All three of the old ones still work. Simple: Plug in to power and your speakers. Pair your device to it and stream your music\audio.

Extend your WiFi

NETGEAR WiFi Range Extender
Works like you'd expect. Super simple to set up.

Power Over Ethernet Injector

Power over Ethernet \ PoE Injector
If you lost the original injector or don't have a PoE Switch port available, use this one. Make sure to check the voltage.


Add one part USB-C and this hub to make HDMI, Ethernet, 3xUSB. Makes a great "dock" for your ultrabook. Does NOT )-= magically grant your phone a wired Ethernet connection.

Portable (Phone) Charger

Portable (Phone) Charger
Charge this when your home. Charge everything else when you're not.

Network Switch

Netgear 8-Port PoE Managed Switch
This little switch will do everything you ask of it: Web Management Console, VLANs, PoE Ports, other stuff ... Only downside: just 8 ports. Netgear makes bigger ones too.

Screen Cleaner

WHOOSH Screen Cleaner Kit
We've used this to clean iPhones, Android phones, tablets, Computer Monitors, ...

Low Profile USB WiFi

USB WiFi Adapter
Whether you're trying to add WIFi to Linux device or a Windows PC, this is the one we like.

Flush-Fit USB Car Charger

Flush-Fit USB Car Charger
Good quality. SUPER Low Profile. Plug in to your car and quick-charge all your USB devices.

Adapt USB-C to MicroUSB

USB-C to Micro USB Adapter
If you have a new charger that you like but still need to charge your old devices.

USB MicroSD Card Reader

USB MicroSD Card Reader
Hide a MicroSD Card in the bottom part of the full size USB connector, then connect it to either Full-Size USB or USB-C. Does NOT work as a USB-C to Full-Size USB pass-through, like we hoped. Super handy for working with MicroSD cards though.

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